Main Market-Shipping Industry

      Heat exchanger market in shipping industry is the first market Defon engaged.  We mainly produce intercooler, lube oil cooler and fresh water cooler for marine diesel engine. We have made coolers for low-speed engine  MAN、Sulzer, and high-speed engine PCPAMTUMWMYamaMANMark etc. We also produce marine heaters,  condensers, evaporators etc. 


    Air cooler for xxx 32/44CR Medium-Speed Diesel Engine

    Air Cooler for xxx 5RT-flex50D Low-Speed Diesel Engine

    Air Cooler for 8PC2-6 Diesel Engine  of  xxx

    Air Cooler for 6DKM-28e Diesel Engine of xxx



    LAir cooler for  23/30 Diesel Engine of xxx 

    Loube Oil Cooler for Marine

    Condenser for Marine

    Ti-Plate Cooler for Central Cooling System of Marine

    Plate fin cooler for marine crane/windlass