Value concept

Operating Philosophies


    Social Conscience
       Defon will operate its business in such way that Protects the Environment, the Health and Safety

       of its Employees and the Well Being of Society in general
   Disciplined Entrepreneurship
       Defon will operate with the Speed of a Small Company, but with the Discipline of a Large Company,

       where decisions are made by the Scientific Methods of Facts and Logic
   Continuous Improvement
       Defon will develop and improve Business Systems and Processes in order to insure the Consistent

       and Predictable outcome of its Products, Services, and Operating Results 
       Defon will strive for the Highest Level of Achievement, and be the Supplier of Choice for those markets

       in which it operates
       Defon shall Share its Success with its owners, customers and employees in order that they may provide

       a Better Life for their Families