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Hubei Defon Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd(the former Daye Marine Machinery Plant, Hubei Dengfeng Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd)was first founded in 1953, started to design/develop and manufacture heat exchangers since 1970's as its major business with over 40 years of history, and is one of the enterprises of strongest comprehensive strength in heat exchanger industry of China.

The heat exchangers are of structures of tube and plate, shell and tube, plate and fin, dual-tube and dual-plate, plate type, shell and inner finned tube, etc. Products are widely applied in industries of petrol-chemical, navy vessels, panzers, aviation, power stations, ocean vessels, compressors, locomotives, diesel engines, metallurgical and mines, engineering machinery, textile machinery, pharmaceuticals and medical, automotive, etc. Our customers are mainly leading manufacturing enterprises for high ranking equipments home and abroad.

The company owns a separate thermal engineering property laboratory, which has independent R&D and design abilities, has over twenty(20) patents and systematic processing knowlage, and wins multiple technical honors from national, provincal and municiple institutions.

The company established the Hubei provincal heat exchanger "engineering technical research center","academician workstation","postdoctor industrial base of Hubei province"; developes university-industry cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, NavalEngineering University and Tsinghua University ect. The company actively carries on international cooperation, has established long-term stable relationship with 13 of the Fortune 500 such as Cameron of USA, Siemens of Germany, and Alstom of France etc. The company's goal is to be the global top rank technical service and product supplier of industrial cooling system.